Serving Goddess Alexxxus

About a lucky pup, serving his Goddess

Serving Goddess Alexxxus is the most rewarding and amazing experience I have ever encountered as a submissive. She took me under Her guidance and training, and continues teaching me how to please Her in a large variety of ways. Through Her leadership and control, I am allowed to grow. She generously grants me the freedom of being Her slave. And I love serving Goddess Alexxxus. Because as Her pet, I can let go and allow Her to be in charge, and simply exist to make Her happy. 

Her Dominance and ownership is both loving and assertive. She cares a lot about Her submissives and She uses the lucky ones in Her stable very responsibly. Because She cares as She does, She also pushes firmly in the directions She wants you to take. And what better path can there be to take, but the one She decides She wants you on?

Goddess Alexxus has truly taken me over, and claimed my mind, body and soul. I think of Her every minute of my day, as well as of my desires to serve Her and please Her. I love serving Goddess Alexxxus in any way and capacity I can. In this blog, I aim to share some of my experiences as Her slave and perhaps even general thoughts about submission, Femdom and more. 

If you would like to find out how you can be of use to Her, you can reach out to Her here

A payslut surprise

Being owned and used as a slave can bring about such wonderful surprises and delight. Goddess Alexxxus allows me training in many directions, and lately

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Love and Submission

My submission is for me the most intimate expression of love. I am a person who in general likes to be in control, who takes

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Femdom phone chat

Sexual fantasies are meant to be shared and enjoyed with someone else. Sometimes, we might think our sexual fantasies can be embarassing or as something

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Femdom Goddess Worship

Goddess worship is one of the most fulfilling and intense ways to serve a Femme Domme. It is about putting Her needs first, and acknowledging

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Becoming Her bitch

«Bark for Me. Come on, show Me what an eager dog you are.» I heard the amusement in Her voice. I could hear Her smile

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Words of worship

"There are no words to really and truly express how much She means to me. Her existence in my life brings me purpose that I lacked before. Serving Goddess Alexxxus and to be used by Her is everything I want and desire. She fills my void, and I love Her. I worship Her, everything about Her and the ground She walks on. "

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