Slave mindset and behavior

My Goddess instructed me to do meditation and write a report on proper slave mindset and behavior. It was important I did so after failing Her instructions and lead at a time.

I was grateful for the task, given to me through Her genuine care and affection of me as Her slave. Giving me this opportunity to make my failure an opportunity for learning. And giving me the chance to redeem myself for Her, to learn from my mistakes and become a better slave.

Only corner stones

The report above is obviously not complete, taking every element or circumstance into consideration. And it does not pretend to be. It presents to me some corner stones on which male slavery and Female Supremacy may thrive.

I love my Owner and Goddess Alexxxus more than anything, and I acknowledge my place beneath Her. I submit to Her ownership, leadership and directions. 

Showing my slave mindset and behavior

By failing Her, this report is of course just part of my steps to redeem myself. To show Her my dedication and love as Her slave and pet. Demonstrating my slave mindset and longing to serve through obeying Her through slave behavior.

I will write more about Her wisdom and generosity in allowing me to prove my submission and commitment as Her slave in my next post.

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