A payslut surprise

Financial domination Findom

Being owned and used as a slave can bring about such wonderful surprises and delight. Goddess Alexxxus allows me training in many directions, and lately much so as Her payslut and cumslut. She trains me to please Her as She sees fit, and when She so desires. And I am only eager to oblige.

Sexting a payslut opportunity

I check my messages regularly, and I make sure to check in at the times She wants me to. One morning as I woke, Her words shone to me from the screen:

«I was thinking on having a salon/spa day today, and want to give you the privilege to pay for it. Doesn’t need to be the full-blown kind, but maybe just hair cut, facial, manicure and massage. Something like that might be around $200, but I can add up for the exact total. What does My payslut think of that? 😌»

My heart beat loudly in my chest, not only for being considered worthy of providing such a luxury to my Goddess. But also for how She takes it for granted that I am Her payslut, wallet, ATM and credit card, to be used when and how She desires.

Entering negotiations

I quickly texted Her back, thanking Her for the privilege. I found myself begging Her to choose better and more expensive packages. Expressing my need to pamper and please Her. She was amused by my answer, and graciously entered negotiations with me about the amount She would allow me to contribute. We settled for $260 in the end.

«I will prepare the tribute request to my payslut. 💳 💅🏻 🧾 I will ask that you edge as you pay it, and then for at least a few minutes after submitting the payment. Longer if you can. Your focus should be submitting to your need to please Me, and your desire to satisfy My every demand. Let it fuel you into an erotic bliss as you edge for and pay Me.»

I did as She instructed, the edge bringing me to such an incredible state of weakness. Peaking as I paid the tribute. I could see Her before me as I knelt and trembled. Her amused face and smile as She towered over me in a set of black lace underwear. Her curvy, delicate Femininity in full control over me. The vision of Her threatened to overwhelm me, and my cock could hold no more.

Payslut with a cumslut side

A thick stream of cum oozed slowly out, filling my hand as the edge and excitement for Her pushed me to a small drain. I took the cum into my mouth, cleaning my hand with my tongue as a good cumslut should. And I reported to Her what had happened, holding the cum in my mouth before I finally swallowed.

Her answer came swiftly:

«Do not eat or drink for at least an hour. If you already did, you need to take more cum and set the timer. I want you to keep the taste of it on your mouth, like a good cumslut.»

I agreed quickly, with the humiliation of keeping the taste of cum in my mouth flushing my cheeks. Knowing cum was to be my breakfast this day, because She wanted it so. Embarassed to admit to myself that I felt my need for more burn strongly inside me. Wanting to be used as Her payslut again…needing more cum.

I spent the rest of my day longing for Her, the taste of Her control in my mouth, as She got Her well deserved massage and pampering.

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