Findom and Allowance


Being used financially as a finsub, is one of the greatest ways I am allowed to demonstrate my level of love, devotion and worship to my Goddess. The transfers and restrictions  that come with findom, such as an allowance and budget, are not only about money. They are symbolic transfers of freedom, power and opportunity from me to Her. It is an efficient way for me to show Her how much I love Her, how I want to sacrifice for Her and how I want to contribute to Her happiness. Being Her humanATM, wallet and credit card is truly an incredible privilege to me.

She owns everything

What I own, what I earn and all that I am, belongs to Goddess Alexxxus. She has allowed me to sign a contract, in which She accepts the burdens of controlling my financial assets. Through this findom ownership, Goddess has generously granted me an allowance from every paycheck. This covers my reasonable and necessary expenses, which I carefully list on a budget for Her to approve. 

I am in turn bestowed with the freedom from making monetary decision, and to concentrate my energy on trying to be the best slave and submissive I can possible be for Her.

An allowance is Her decision

My allowance is a privilege, not something I am entitled to. The allowance also belongs to my Goddess. She may freely grant, reduce or reject any allowance for me. She sovereignly decides what expenses are reasonable and necessary for me at any time. And I am so lucky that I dont have to make those decisions myself.

Last night, She decided I had earned the privilege of having my allowance reduced for Her pleasure. My heart skipped a beat as I read Her text:

«This month I want you feel My ownership, and how it grips into every day. For the lesson you need to learn, your allowance reduction must be a true sacrifice. It should leave you with a small enough amount that you are forced to very carefully budget to make it last until payday. You will be sending Me $200 from your allowance; you will make the rest of your allowance work for you for the remainder of this pay period. You can do it 😌 you have no choice anyhow.»

A Findom ritual

I heard my heart thumping loudly in my chest as Her words reached my mind. My cock hardened and my mind spuns straight into subspace. Her instructions for the tribute-privilege is for me to strip, kneel and edge before I am allowed to send. Allowing me to feel Her power, as well as my weakness for Her. I followed the steps of the ritual.

Freshly edged, with panting breath, I moved my trembling fingers punched the numbers and details. Stroking again, feeling the build-up, my fingers moved again – this time towards the Tribute-button – pushing «send» just as I reached my second edge. The intensity of the build-up sending the most incredible sensations through my body.

Breathing hard, feeling my cock throb from the edge, I stared at the confirmation on the screen. A few seconds later, another text pinged through. And I knew I was in heaven as I read Her words

«Good boy!»

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