Broken Chastity and just punishment

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«What do you mean, your chastity device is broken?» Goddess´ voice was stern, but also with a hint of amusement. No doubt, Her mind was already exploring the opportunities for Her that come with my failure. How She would spin this to benefit Her, and to amuse Herself with me at the same time.

It had turned out that a chastity device I had bought was of poor quality. The rings to hold it in place lasted only a short while, and now I was out of them. Had been out of them for a while in fact. And failed to let my Goddess know. I knew I was in trouble.

Correcting the chastity failure

«Strip. And kneel for me now. In fact, go down on all fours on the floor.» She couldn’t see me over the phone line, but She could very well hear me move as She snapped Her instructions. I got down immediately, staying in position as She took Her time.

«You are going to spank yourself for Me. You know your goal with these spankings?»

«To correct my failure in telling You about the chastity device no longer working, my Goddess?

«That’s right. And to know you’re adequately being punished, I want you to make them hard, as I would like them. And hard, as would make me proud to display.  Start with your left side. Do 10 to warm up. Then do your right side. Then report back with the single word: woof.»

In my humiliating pose on the floor, I reached my left hand up and struck. The sound of my hand swatting my own behind was loud in the otherwise quiet room. I kept going, then switching sides as She had instructed. The sounds of subtle giggles from my Goddess in my ear. Finishing the task, I reported back as She instructed.


You are not done, boy

«Good boy. Now, 10 more, each side, but aim for the final 5 to be twice as hard. Push yourself for Goddess. You’re doing this to prove yourself for Me, right? To show Me how sorry you are? So let these spankings be a proper tribute to Me. »


On the floor, I started again. Harder than the time before. Making myself whimper into the phone. My whimpers triggered more giggles and content laughter at my discomfort. Restricting my words to barks and whimpers. And She guided me through another series. Giving me encouragements to swat harder, whimper louder and punish myself better for Her. And another, with even harder swats. Until She was content with my much deserved suffering.


Pain and pleasure

I panted for breath, my ass burning. And Her bubbly laughter in my ear as the only sound I could hear. «Tell me pet, is your cock hard? Did it turn you on to suffer for me?» She laughed even happier when I admitted that yes, I was indeed rock hard. Throbbing, in fact, as my ass burned with the heat from the swats.

«I knew you were a slut, pet» She giggled «I just didnt quite realize how much of a painslut you are» I could hear Her smile in the tone of Her voice as She allowed me to get up and back into my bed.

«Now, if you were here…actually with Me» She continued as I lay in bed, allowed to stroke my cock for Her «I would not let you off the hook this easily. I would spank you myself. Hard. And I would humiliate you even further. I want you to think of standing before a few friends of Mine, explaining our chastity agreement and how you broke your end. And how I punished you for it.»

At Her mercy

«Gah….» I gasped as I edged. Feeling the intense tingle and closeness to explosion. Embarassed about how easily Her voice brought me into substate. And yet the substate taking the embarrassment away. Leaving only substate…..substate and Her. Her pleasure and amusement the only thing on my mind. There was nothing else. Only Her voice.

And Her voice sounded pleased. Pleased with how I had taken the spankings, and pleased with how easily She slipped me into substate. She was pleased as I lay panting in my own weakness, knowing how easily She can take advantage of me when I am in that state. And I knew She was about to. 

Nothing I could do about it – or even wanted to – except to obey.

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