Wallet rape in the morning

A wallet rape can come unannounced and in different forms – even through sexting. And it always feels so good and fulfilling. Femdom financial domination ensures that the servitude is real and it benefits my Owner both directly and immediately. It gives me such purpose, happiness, arousal and bliss to serve my Goddess in that way. And it pleases Her.

I always send Goddess a message before falling asleep at night, as per Her instructions. She can receive such texts through Her sexting option on Niteflirt.

My goodnight text last night summarized my day briefly, a day where I had worked more and longer than usual. And I  told Her how much I love being Hers, and to be available for Her use and training.

I checked for Her reply the moment I woke. My heart always beats faster and excitedly as I check for words from Her. Her words shone from the screen, like sparkling stars giving light straight into my heart:

«You worked hard for Goddess, up late, and enough to be exhausted. I wanted to reward you with a reimbursement opportunity for my fun last night while you were working.»

Begging Her for a wallet rape

My heart was beating hard in my chest from excitement, and I could feel how Her words made me rock hard. Desperate and weak. I texted Her back immediately, thanking Her for the opportunity to reimburse Her. And begging to be allowed to be charged more, for Her to rape my wallet. I begged for permission to stroke while I was taken advantage of, so I could get weaker for Her.

I waited anxiously, feeling how the grip of Her financial domination held me wonderfully tight. And it did not take long for Her reply to tick back to me. She was clearly amused by my weakness and desires to have my wallet raped by Her, as She instructed me on the first tribute.

I thanked Her again as I made the payment, feeling my edge the moment I clicked «send» and knew She would be notified about my contribution to Her pleasure. I held the edge while She got back to me, feeling how it made me even more desperate and longing

Powerful and divine Findom

She demonstrated Her Female Superiority over me as She briefly explained how Her night of fun should be of no expense to Her. And so I should make my final contribution of the day – the final part of the wallet rape. She also explained how it would please Her for me to stop my edging once I had sent again. To make me keep and increase my eagerness for the next time. I was only happy to obey.

«Technology is such a lovely thing as I can rape your wallet from any corner of the world, and you can gain fulfillment no matter how far away I am. »

My day could not have started in any better way. I felt my heart swell in pride. My arousal and weakness pulsated inside me as I wore a happy smile for the rest of the day. How wonderful it felt that Goddess Alexxxus had used me, first thing as I woke. Through raping my wallet, She had made both of our lives better, easier and smoother.

Through achieving Her happiness, I had also achieved mine.

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