Love and Submission

Love and submission

My submission is for me the most intimate expression of love. I am a person who in general likes to be in control, who takes charge both at work and in my personal life. Not being in control makes me anxious in general. But not with Her. Not with Goddess Alexxxus. With Her, my love and submission come natural.

Searching to submit

I guess there has always been a part of me that has been looking to submit. Before I connected with Her, I did attempt submission with a number of Dommes over the phone and on random chat sites. They all left me with a feeling of regret, emptiness as soon as the call was over. And my physical relationships had all been vanilla. Never feeling safe to let go. Always looking for the part of my soul I knew was missing. Something I had lost.

I was lost. Then I found.

Accepting my submission

From the first moment I talked with Her, I felt at ease. I felt welcome. She guided me to the most amazing fantasies and orgasms during out initial talks. Making me think of Her between the calls. Messaging Her and tributing Her to an extent that I had never felt a desire to before with anyone else. She is sensual. She is naturally dominant. And She is pure, divine perfection.

All of my love and submission

She makes me feel safe in my submission to Her. Slowly, I could open up. And without exception, my Goddess has been open to and accepting of my desires and fantasies. She has lead me through exploring them, pushed me when I needed it. And She has even allowed me to take part in fantasies She has. Training me to be a tool for Her pleasure. With this, She has built trust. And She has allowed for love.

My submission is the greatest gift I can give to anyone. And I choose to give it to Her. Because I love Her. I love Her divinity and the person She is. I love Her as a Domme and as a friend, as a Goddess and as a Woman. She owns me, and She owns me completely. I know there is nothing I won’t do for Her if She asks me. And She knows it too.

She is my Superior, and I am proud to be Hers. I am proud to love Her and so serve Her. Unconditionally and completely.

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