Becoming Her bitch

Orgasm control joi and jerk off instructions

«Bark for Me. Come on, show Me what an eager dog you are.» I heard the amusement in Her voice. I could hear Her smile as Goddess Alexxxus spoke the command. We were way inside one of many Femdom fantasies that night, leading me to my destiny as Her bitch. She had already taken me through many edges as She lead me inside them. And i was dizzy with lust, arousal and pure desperation.

«Woof!» i barked into the cell phone, and was rewarded with a bubbly giggle from the other side of the line.

«I cant believe you did that!» She laughed out loud «You are such a dog, a bitch in fact! Go on, say it. Tell Me you’re a bitch.»

«I…I am a bitch, Goddess» i said as I held my throbbing hardness in my hand. Not currently granted the privilege to stroke it for Her, I could only feel it pulsate in my grip. I wanted to stroke it so badly. Wanted to feel the building up towards the edge. But I knew better. This femdom fantasy had very much become a reality. I knew it was Her call when and how i stroke. And now She was way too amused with the direction of our conversation to engage Herself with my petty stroking needs.

Lucky to be Her bitch

«Yes you are! Good boy! And you are My bitch.  That is a real privilege for you, isn’t it boy?» She was laughing between the words and sentences as She spoke. The amusement once again obvious in Her voice. And my arousal and desperation clearly so also in mine as i agreed that indeed. I was Her bitch. And being Her bitch was not bad at all, I decided. I was getting more and more convinced that this was no mere fantasy anymore.

She heard my weakness and desire as I confirmed it, and Her voice became slightly more assertive, but still sensually playful. «Good boy. Now stroke for me again as you think about the different ways you can serve Me.» She started telling me various ways She could see Herself use me as Her bitch. Alone, as well as entertainment for Her young and bratty, beautiful girlfriends. Her vivid descriptions of the scenarios from Her devious mind made me come close. Right to the edge. Just as She knew they would. They always do.

Her cum cleaning bitch

I moaned as I felt the edge, that tingle filling my hardness with promise of euphoric, explosive release. This made Her laugh out loud, and ask if I wanted to cum. «Yes…..please…..Goddess…» I stuttered as i felt the edge riding me hard. «Well then, you better beg for it boy. Beg for Me to grant you that sweet release.» And I begged. I begged a lot and intensely. The words flowed out of my mouth, driven by my desperation to cum and the edge I was on. And She granted my request at last, after what seemed like forever in my weak and aroused state. I came as soon as She gave Her permission, the orgasm absolutely incredible as I came all over myself. Cum shot and splattered across my face and down to my belly button. My moans and noise as I came pleased Her, as well as the fact that I had indeed waited until She gave Her permission to orgasm.

She lead me through cleaning the cum from where it had landed, encouraging me in using my fingers and tongue to get it all up so it not go to waste. I thanked Her as we made arrangements for my next call before I hung up. 

She seemed pleased. I knew was Her bitch for real. I was in Heaven.

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