A new year of Female Superiority

Female Superiority

2021 has just started, and I want to make it a year of the Goddess Alexxxus. At least as far as I am concerned. I find great comfort, purpose and motivation in serving Her, and in learning in the light of Her Female Superiority. It is only through Her leadership and guidance that I can improve myself. And I long to become the slave She deserves me to be. I long to serve Her without thought and hesitation. And these are some of my thoughts and ambitions for the new year.

Becoming a better cumslut

We have discussed improvements for me during our calls on Her Femdom line on Niteflirt. She finds great amusement in training my cumslut abilities. And to entertain Her better, I vow for the new year to take more cum. I long to hear Her laugh and giggles as She trains me through Her CEI-program. She is my Superior and Owner. I want to obey Her instructions to take all and any cum She decides I should.

Financial Female Superiority

I am Her wallet. And I love it. It is my job as Her wallet to make sure She can always take what She wants. I long to improve Her life style even more by being available for Her use and exploitation. It is my purpose to sacrifice for Her.

She uses me responsibly, and that only makes me long for Her to take more. I have begged Her to do so after many a draining. Much to Her amusement. She knows exactly how far She desires to push me, as She leaves me panting for breath. Denying me more use, knowing it makes me long for more. She keeps me safe, leaving me more than I need for myself. I long for 2021 to be a year to sacrifice more.

2021: Year of the Goddess

She owns my time and. She knows best how this best is put to use through Her Female Superiority. And it is my task to encourage Her to explore this as much and as far as She desires. 

I want 2021 to be the year where I am completely, and unlimitedly in Her divine light. That it is only Her desires and imagination that limits Her ownership. I long for this year to be the year where the limits vanish. And where Her Female Superiority guides me completely. I want my 2021 to truly be the year of my Goddess Alexxxus.

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