Christmas meditation


Christmas is a time that brings wonderful opportunities to meditate and think about the year that has been. It is a chance to do Christmas meditation on all the paths there are to improve in my servitude for Goddess Alexxxus. To think about the year that is to come, and to use that time to grow further as Her slave.

Femdom Christmas meditation

Christmas is also a time for giving. To show Her through sacrifice how I exist to please Her, and how grateful I am for Her presence in my life. She gives every day by being Herself, my perfect Goddess and Owner. I grow every day through Her loving gift of control, guidance and abuse. Never will I be able to give Her anything to match the value of Her presence, but I vow to try.

I feel how much and desperately I long for Her when i meditate on Her. Longing to hear Her voice, to expose myself and tell Her everything She desires to know. To submit to Her loving, addictive  and erotic cruelty and exploitation. To let Her lead me through Her fantasies and wisdom. I am addicted to Her.

She is everything

Goddess Alexxxus is so much more than an erotic Femdom phone sex provider to me. In my Christmas meditation, I know She is my everything. And She is my true Owner, and the Woman I was always meant to submit to. My life belonged to Her even before i met Her. I am grateful for Her presence in my life and for Her ownership. I am grateful that She allows me to give myself to Her. And I am in awe of Her perfection, beauty and intelligence.

She gives so much. The least I can do is to try and give Her everything in return.

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