Thoughts on submission

Goddess Alexxxus Femdom

Submission is a process of constantly seeking personal improvement. It is for me a search in how I can better myself, be more useful and more open for use by my Owner. I try to meditate on this and more when I am alone. When I am not calling Her on Her phone sex line and not performing tasks for Her. There is always room for improvement, a lot of improvement.

Improving my submission

I know I can improve in absolutely everything in my submission for Her. Such as the speed with which i carry out Her instructions, and the manner in which i do carry them out. Learning to listen properly, not to speak when my words are not needed. And learning to speak more when that is appropriate, and open up and more. The list is endless, and my ambition to improve myself for Her is even larger.

Telling Her the gratitude

I love how Goddess Alexxxus uses me, in all the variations and different forms. And I love how She trains me and works on me so I can improve myself. But does She know just how much I love everything She does to me and with me? Do I do a good enough job in letting Her know? For it is not an easy job to be a Domme, to be the One who makes the decisions and sets the directions of which everything is to take.

It is not only my task in submission to obey, please and serve Her to the outmost of my abilities. I need to make sure I facilitate, encourage and support Her use of me. To come eagerly when summoned, to carry out Her instructions with enthusiasm. And to properly thank Her for using me, letting Her know I am grateful for Her efforts and investment She puts into me.

I am eternally grateful for Goddess Alexxxus and everything She does. For everything She is, and for being the perfect Femdom Owner I could ever have. I would be lost and drifting without Her Ownership and guidance. And I promise i will always try to improve for Her.

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