My path to Financial Domination

Financial Domination

Financial Domination was something I found odd, to say the least. I couldn’t quite grasp what the attraction was with sending money to someone else just because. Even if that someone else was a Domme. Now, paying for an erotic phone call was something I found different. There was a transaction of sorts, and well just the simple curtesy of paying a professional for her time and efforts. But just send someone money? No, I couldn’t see how financial domination would be anything for me.

Goddess Alexxxus has changed me when it comes to this. It is one of the many ways She has had an impact on my life and person. This is how it started.

It started with a tweet

I had already been calling my Goddess for a while on Her erotic phone line on Niteflirt, and I followed Her on Twitter. Her intelligence and personality was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and She thrilled me like no other. I was hooked on Her – completely – hook, line and sinker. 

She tweeted one day, how She was going to the movies with a friend. She wanted someone to pay for Her evening. Her words shone at me, and my heart beat fast. It was like the tweet was for me. 

"Pretty girls dont pay."

She wanted me to step up and contribute to Her life, pleasure and joy. I knew I had to. 

And I felt I craved to.

Stepping into financial domination

My heart was thumping loud in my chest, as I wrote a private message to Her on Twitter. I had never messaged Her before, never reached out to Her outside of Niteflirt and now I was messaging Her. Explaining who I was, I asked if I could pay for Her evening. Actually, that is putting it mildly. I was begging Her to take my money by the end of the message.

Her reply came before long, and I could tell She was amused with my groveling. She was pleased and amused. And furthermore, She said She would allow me to pay Her.

I was ecstatic, feeling intense jolts of happiness as I sent Her the tribute. Feeling such a joy in being allowed to contribute to Her life. My first step into Financial Domination was taken. And I couldn’t be happier.

Developing my usefulness

She has developed Her financial domination over me since my first wabbling steps. From paying for the first movie evening, She has allowed me to pay for dinners, drinks, vacation activities and more. She lets me know when She wants something from me, and I am more than happy to give Her what She desires.

The financial domination always happens through either Amazon gift cards or tributes on Niteflirt. She is my Goddess, and since I am just one of the many online slaves in Her stable, that is all I need to know about Her.

I have to confess that I still find financial domination odd. I don’t see the attraction in sending money to a random Domme and I dont consider myself a finsub. Sending money to Goddess Alexxxus is different, though. Because I love Her. And I love when She grants me the privilege of contributing to Her lifestyle.

I am not a finsub. I am Her  finslave.

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