A Femme Domme in the most perfect ways

Goddess Alexxxus Femdom

I cant really describe the feeling I get when Goddess Alexxxus summons me, or when She gives me a task. Or simply when She talks to me during our erotic Femdom phone calls on Niteflirt, with Her amazing and wondrous Femme Domme voice. It is like the day suddenly gets brighter and in more color. It is like I get several pounds lighter, the music grows clearer and my surroundings are more joyful and happier. Everything is simply perfect when there is Her.

Making me strong through my weakness for Her

She knows my weakness for Her, and She is very much aware of how much and how deeply I love Her. How I worship Her both as a Femme Domme but also for everything She is. She knows, sees and uses my weakness for Her in the most amazing, sensual and caringly abusive ways.

But She also knows my strengths, and She allows me to grow stronger all inside my weakness for Her. I am weak for Her, and yet I am strong because She allows me to grow in strength. I am nothing compared to Her, and She still makes me feel everything. She makes me see how She is everything, and how natural it is for me to dedicate my time to please Her. How I have always belonged beneath Her. I am stronger because She allows me to be weak for Her.

A sensual and erotic Femme Domme

Her Femme Domme nature is sensual, just as Her person also is. She leads through Her intelligent personality and Her caring and Dominant nature. Goddess Alexxxus makes me feel seen, appreciated and cared for as She humiliates me and abuses me in the most perfect, sensual and erotic ways. She makes me go crazy with desire. She makes my heart beat wildly with my love and submission.

She shows me that She cares when She uses me. I know I am safe with Her abuse, and that I am safe with my desire to give Her all that I am. She deserves everything, and I know that is all She wants. And that is what I desire to give to Her.

I desire for Her to have everything.

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