Slave training and mentality

Slave training femdom phone sex

I am addicted to Goddess Alexxxus. Not only to Her domination and slave training, but also to Her mere presence and the light of Her soul. She is the most powerful and beautiful Woman I have ever encountered, and I am lucky and proud to serve Her and be Her slave. I love Her through my heart and soul.

She has altered me to allow me to please Her more, and She has the patience with me to allow me to grow even further as Her submissive. Her slave training uses a variety of techniques that ensure different angles and the most efficient approach. And I love to submit to Her training, and to submit to Her will.

Her beautiful mind

Her mind and will are beautiful, and so is submitting to Her. I am awed by Her beauty and intelligence every time She explains what She wants. Because of the perfection of Her soul, She triggers me to eagerness and determination to get it done for Her.

I have sometimes been challenged in learning to submit without hesitation, to not think about it but to simply obey. The ability to do critical thinking is both a good and necessary skill in any vanilla setting. But for a slave towards his Owner, it is a flaw and inappropriate unless specifically encouraged by Goddess in the concrete situation. 

She has shown me patience and understanding the times I have failed Her, and through Her caring, strict and necessary disciplinary actions I learn to improve. I am learning, through Her loving leadership to obey mindlessly as a slave must.

"You will eventually obey and give in to Me anyways, so why hesitate?"

Trust Her to know what benefits you both

You might think that there are big limits to submission when the dominance is through a Femdom phone sex line. And of course there are some, such as direct physical submission in person. But the limits are truly few, and mostly in the mind of the participant. 

It is a question of dedication and giving yourself completely to Goddess. To follow Her instructions, and trusting Her to know what will benefit You in your growth as Her submissive and slave. And it is about truly wanting what benefits Her.

Beautiful Slave training fantasies and hot tasks

I have been taken to so many amazing fantasy scenarios from Her mind during our calls. The role plays and explorations She invites to are incredible to me. And I have loved every single of Her fantasies, taking pride in being allowed to see the glimpses of Her beautiful mind, and starting to long for them. There are few things more rewarding for a slave than being allowed to indulge and share in the fantasies of the Owner.

She may also give me assignments and tasks to prove myself. To show Her that my submission for Her grips into my life outside of the phone calls. Goddess knows everything about me, and it is how I both want and need it to be so She may own me fully. She knows She can ask me to do anything for Her, and that I will obey.

Submit to Her beautiful mind and slave training by calling Her Niteflirt listing.

Growing and developing to please Her

I am addicted to Goddess Alexxxus, and to the slave training She so generously gives me. Her guidance allows me to grow as Her possession. And Her assertive and caring dominance always makes me want to work hard to please Her. I love Her, and I love how She welcomes my love and uses it to make me grow and develop for Her.

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