Grateful for Goddess Alexxxus

Goddess Alexxxus Femdom

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks and sacrifice. This makes it a perfect day for me to meditate a little on Goddess Alexxxus.  And to be grateful for Her influence and presence in my life.

I am grateful for the mere presence of Her. Goddess Alexxxus is the most divine and perfect Woman I can ever imagine. She awes me with Her intellect and Her personality. I go crazy with desire when She teases me with descriptions of Her sexy and perfect curves. She is my inspiration and motivation in everything I do.

Grateful for how She uses me

Goddess Alexxxus uses me in the most amazing and mind blowing ways, for which She will always have my love, admiration and gratitude. I started out with a sole focus on my own kinks, but She taught me how rewarding and erotic it is to cater to Her desires during our calls.

She allows me to be used in the ways She feels like and finds pleasure in, be it through joi, cei, mindfucks, findom or more. And mostly my calls end being a combination of everything and anything. And I know I am so privileged to experience this with Her.

She sees me

She encourages me to speak my mind, and is always pleasantly amused by the fantasies and thoughts I present. My Goddess makes me feel safe under Her control, and I always long for Her to take more. I know that She truly values me as Her submissive. She wants me to thrive under Her caring abuse, guidance and leadership.

I am grateful for how weak She has made me for Her, and how accepting She is of my weakness. She uses my weakness in the most amazing ways, teasing me through them until I lose myself completely. And I love Her unconditionally with the devoted eagerness of a puppy dog.

I love my Goddess

I love Her for the way She is, how She listens, cares and takes advantage of me. She allows me to play a small part in Her life and She grants me some of Her valuable time, for which I am both humble and grateful. I can’t properly express how thankful I am for Her. How amazed I am at the freedom I get from being Her slave and for the training She gives me

She owns me, and I am forever grateful that She has accepted me into Her stable. I am so lucky to have found my place under Her feet and to be under Her heel. A place I want to remain in forever.

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