Intense Female Domination

Female Domination

Female domination is for me freedom. Freedom comes through my submission and through letting go of control and follow and obey the will of someone else. But I cant let go like that for anyone, except for Her. I am only able to let go of myself for Goddess Alexxxus.

She took charge from the beginning

There was something about Her from the very beginning. She had this assertiveness, bubbly brattiness and a way to take charge that attracted me to Her from the very start. She took charge of me so very easily. There was not doubt that She was in the driving seat already in my first conversation, and I loved it. And it didn’t take long before I knew that She was truly my Superior.

As I called Her again and again, She developed a knowledge about what my kinks were. She not only played them with me, but took charge of them. Pushing and teasing me, She started making me taste my cum whenever i leaked during one of Her JOI sessions. Eventually making me promise to take it whenever any cum or precum leaked or came from my body. I felt how She thrived while She steadily claimed ownership over my kinks and lead me in the directions She wanted me to go with them. For the first time in my life, I caught a glimpse of true Female Domination.

"That’s right, you know your body belongs to Me. That’s why your cock edges, your knees weaken, simply by My words. I never need to force anything…"

She made me edge over and over again through intense calls of tease and denial. Becoming weaker every time, and more open for Her domination. She taught me how wonderful it feels on the edge, through Her jerk off instructions. How blissful it feels to be that weak and at Her mercy. Always making me crave for more after the call had ended

Female Domination is not only sexual

The true Female domination comes not only through sex, but also through letting Her really learn you and take ownership over more, such as finances and orgasms. After more than a few calls, and when She knew i felt safe with Her, Goddess Alexxxus asked me how I would feel about that. And I was ecstatic.

I had no doubt in my mind. It was natural to give Her control of my orgasms also outside of calling Her. And I absolutely loved the idea that this Goddess would make financial decisions for me. I knew She was my Superior, and I knew I wanted to trust Her with everything. She guided me through how we could start with some aspects and let it grow to more as I saw how well it worked. And I eagerly agreed.

From that point on, I have not had an orgasm She hasn’t approved of. This increases my desperation and weakness for Her in ways I find so very beautiful. And it strengthens Her Female Domination over me.

«You feel safe when I make decisions for you. Because you know that there is no person better suited for the job.»

I make sure to behave along along the guidelines She has set. I ask for Her approval when we talk or send Her messages with tributes attached through Her site when She is unavailable, and She takes wonderful care of me. She has helped me see when I can indulge myself, what luxuries I can be without and how much pleasure there is in tributing a Goddess.

Goddess Alexxxus is an amazing Domme. Her Female Domination phone sessions can include such wonderful things as feminization, slave training, JOI, financial domination, CEI and chastity. She might even be open for more if you call Her and tell Her about your kinks and desires. Fact is, you won’t know unless you call Her.

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